There may be times when we are feeling low or depressed; we need to talk but may not feel that sharing personal thoughts with friends or family is appropriate. Perhaps we do not feel 'heard' by our loved ones or they may not have the time to listen.

Counselling will enable you to think through an issue or work through a problem in confidence. The Counsellor is trained to help support you during a difficult time in your life and you can talk in complete confidence, without fear of being judged, to someone who will listen and empathise for as long as is necessary until you feel you have control over the problem in hand.

Talking things through may help you to understand more about what is going on for you right now. However, a Counsellor's role is not about giving advice. Instead it can help you to recognise your choices and, by doing so, will enable you to make any necessary changes in your life.

A counsellor can help improve communication, resolve a crisis and deal with negative behaviour patterns. Many of us are not equipped with good communication skills and the counsellor will teach you how to share your real feelings with honesty, in a safe environment. Resolving problems is a challenge for most of us since we often go into crisis mode immediately a difficulty arises and therefore, by learning new ways of coping, we can achieve a positive outcome which is of benefit not only to you but also those around you.

Everyone reacts differently to the loss of someone dear to them. Some of us experience feelings of anger and intense pain whereas others appear unaffected or unemotional. A counsellor will listen, without interrupting; giving you the time to talk, cry or even shout and in doing so will help you to sort out your feelings amongst all the chaos.

You may find your particular issue listed but, even if it is not counselling, or hypnotherapy will certainly be able to help you in moving forward. Each treatment is tailored to the individual in order to help the client break old unwanted habits and achieve meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving.

Clients learn to become more accepting of themselves and others as they begin to work on their own personal development which, in turn, unlocks their true inner potential. The results are truly amazing!

When life has been difficult, you may need support and a catalyst to achieve the changes you aspire to.

Talking about and exploring your issues in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting can:

  • Give you the support you need at a difficult time of your life
  • Increase your awareness, giving you choices and control back in your life 
  • Help identify patterns of behaviour and solutions to have a more fulfilled life 
  • Help identify unhealthy negative beliefs that create psychological disturbance and convert them into healthy beliefs that promote psychological health

Everybody is unique; therefore, I do not have a preset approach as to how I work with each person or for how long.

This will be discussed and mutually agreed in the first session.

You may come for one session, a few, or more depending on your needs.


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