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Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post!

I thought it was time to #facethefear, get myself out there and let you all know a little about me!

To do this made me feel a little uneasy, anxious and very self-conscious – I’m sure some of you can relate to those feelings of anxiety – the knots in the stomach, heart racing, feeling like you want to ‘run away’, the feelings of dread. To me writing a blog made me feel self-conscious, it is akin to public speaking – as the spotlight is on me (so to speak!).

To combat those feelings of anxiety and nerves – I felt that I had to push myself, just a little to start with – out of my comfort zone. So I started writing a few words of the blog, to let you know about me and what services I offer and how I can help you.

From those little steps I took a big step and thought it was about time to introduce myself on video! Huge step for me! Just a few words about me, what I do and to let you hear my voice ..I am a hypnotherapist after all! Even though the thought of myself on screen terrified me initially; I am glad I pushed myself, my mind gremlins and limiting beliefs around visibility are gently dissolving here! You cannot always wait for the perfect time.

Sometimes you must dare to jump. When will you dare to make that jump? Always do something out of your comfort zone.. So here I am – I hope you like the short video. In time I hope to do more of these blogs and videos to let you know about me and how hypnotherapy and counseling can help you.



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